Shocking Revelation – Footballer,Kayode Olanrewaju’s 3 Children Allegedly Belongs To Pastor Adegboyega according to DNA (updated)

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Nigerian international footballer Kayode Olanrewaju, known for his time as a forward at Manchester City, is facing a devastating personal crisis that could see him lose almost everything he has worked for throughout his career.

Shocking revelations have surfaced suggesting that Kayode may not be the biological father of the three children he believed were his during his marriage to Dora Ezinne Kayode.

The former Manchester City star claims that his wife, Dora Ezinne Kayode, defrauded him, lied about her age, and committed adultery.

According to Kayode, Dora is seven years older than she initially claimed, a deception that has deeply shaken him.
The most shocking aspect of the betrayal involves alleged infidelity with Pastor Tobi Adegboyega, founder and General Overseer Salvation Proclaimers Anointed Church, SPAC Nation, a prominent figure known for his charismatic leadership.

Kayode’s career, which saw him rise to international prominence, is now overshadowed by this personal turmoil.
The footballer, who has represented Nigeria on various international stages and played for clubs across Europe, is reportedly in a state of shock and emotional distress as he grapples with these revelations.

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