SECURITY ALERT; keke operators in Aba. Roseline Uche Nwafor narrates a chilling but real life story about her three children.

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“Join me to return all glory to God almighty because he showed me mercy on Saturday last week 16th September, 2023. September made me a mother and this September would have made me motherless but mercy says no .

My three kids boarded a Keke that is going to umukarika to visit my elder sister, along the way the keke rider took another direction my kids told him that’s not where they are going the man told them to keep calm that he is going to take them where they are going, my kids refused and started shouting the man speed off and they increased their voices and the man slow down and was explaining to them where he is going to drop them, he is still driving my kids jumped down from the keke and the Angels of God uphold them oOoO, no wounds nothing nothing, when they turn back the keke man and the other man inside the keke have speed off immediately and they didn’t see them

My children Trek back to my house with this wonderful news, my people I don’t know what would have been my faith by now but heaven did it for me please join me to return all glory to the king of kings and Lord of lord’s he showed me mercy ????????”

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