RIVERS CRISIS: Central Governing Council of Rivers Defense Alliance (RIVDAL) rejects President Tinubu’s resolution, describes it as ” COSMETIC

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A body under the aegis of “The Central Governing Council of Rivers Defense Alliance” (RIVDAL) after an emergency meeting early hours of 19th December 2023 said they have looked at the resolution reached by President Bola Ahmed in the case between Gov Simi Fubara and Wike, describing it as cosmetic aa the matter was more constitutional.


1. The Central Governing Council of Rivers Defense Alliance (RIVDAL) on its emergency meeting early hours of 19th December 2023 has critically, painstakingly and thoroughly reviewed and dissected the widely publicized resolution agreement reached between Governor Similaye Fubara and the FCT Minister, Chief Nyesom Wike at the instance of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

2. The Council wishes to appreciate Mr President on his effort at restoring peace to Rivers state for the second time. We thank the president for showing concern and intervening at every heated moment to douse the tension. That is the responsibility of a good father and Mr President is playing the role in good faith.

3. However The Council wish to respectfully remind Mr President of a Yoruba Proverb that says, “it is not proper to evacuate excreta and it is still smelling” in pidgin we say, e no good to pack shit, shit still dey smell”

4. The Council, having reviewed the purported resolution agreements in circulation, notes that the resolution points are mere cosmetics. The bone of contention was not captured and addressed.

5. The Council wishes to state that the major reasons for the Rivers crisis are the criminal, draconic and dictatorial interference of the FCT minister in the governance of the State and the continual dehumanization and disrespect of Sir Similayi Fubara, the governor of Rivers State.

6. While we accept and appreciate the fact the former governor contributed greatly to the emergence of the current governor, we must reject the idea of a proxy third term by Chief Nyesom Wike, who has served out his 8 years tenure uninterrupted.

7. The Council notes that all the points raised on the widely circulated resolutions agreement are purely constitutional matters. While we welcome every political consideration, the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria must be respected because it is superior to any agreement signed under duress.

8. The Council also frowns at the incessant threat of possible sack of our governor by the Supreme Courts if he refuses to bow to the dictates of Mr Wike.

9. Therefore, The Council of RIVDAL respectfully pleads with Mr President to protect and practice the tenets of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria by not annexing the powers of a sitting governor.

10. The Council wish to inform Mr President that Rivers people are peace loving and respectful, but they will never allow illegality to enslave them. We are not a conquered people.

11. The council wishes to inform Nigerians that Rivers people will strongly resist any external attempt to enslave them. We will rise up in defense of our dear state if the need arises.

God bless Rivers State.

Signed by the following:

Hon. David E. Oguzierem
Director-General, RIVDAL

Dr. Mina Eferebor-Jack
Secretary, RIVDAL

Barr ID Woy
Legal Adviser, RIVDAL

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