Queen Noble visits NDLEA Commander Seals Partnership for Anti-Drug Advocacy

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In a significant development, HRM QUEEN Chizaram Goodluck crowned as the most beautiful queen in Abia, Miss Culture paid a visit yesterday to the Commander of the Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) seeking a partnership to combat drug abuse. The CEO of the organization, AMB Godwin Ifeanyi Fedinard, introduced the queen as a representative of a foundation dedicated to advocating for women and girls in society.

Commander CN Adelanwa Amos Adetunji commended the organizers for creating a platform that addresses crucial societal issues. He especially praised the queen for choosing to champion the cause against drug abuse. Emphasizing the rarity of such advocacy, he pledged full support and promised to bring in additional professionals to assist in their efforts.

Expressing a humanitarian perspective, Commander Adetunji clarified that the NDLEA is more than just a law enforcement agency, stating that they work towards helping lives through the rehabilitation of those addicted to hard drugs. He extended gratitude to the governor for his continuous support, revealing that every day witnesses an increasing number of patients seeking rehabilitation.

The NDLEA commander assured that they have well-equipped facilities and professionals to cater to those in need. Miss Culture expressed her gratitude to the agency for embracing the partnership and pledged to uphold it in the long term. This collaboration marks a significant step toward addressing the critical issue of drug abuse in the community.

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