Popular American Singer Cardi B hurls microphone at fan during Vegas concert after being splashed by drink

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American rap queen, Cardi B, has evoked reactions among fans as well as the online community after throwing microphone at an ‘unruly’ spectator.

At a recent outdoor show, the famous rap star was on stage performing when what’s almost becoming a trend happened.

Someone from the audience emptied the content of her cup on Cardi B who wasted no time in reciprocating.

Stunned, the obviously pissed rapper immediately threw her microphone at the offender while cursing at the same time.

The incident has continued to generate reactions from social media users as they applauded Cardi for delivering swift judgment on the offender noting the ‘trend’ of throwing things at performers on stage needed to end.

One @SpicyCammy tweeted: “Yeah right the women who threw the drink deserved to have that thrown at them.”

Irunnia said: “Time for entertainers to start reacting. This trend of throwing things at them is wrong.”

@crdisdior wrote: “She did what needed to be done; performers are always getting stuff thrown at them. it needs to stop.”

Msquaredizz stated: “If you do anyhow, you go see anyhow” was a person.”

Mika tweeted: “Would hate to be a “performer” during this era. It’s become normalized to throw things at people while they perform & it really just needs to stop. It’s dangerous and not cool.”

nikki_stephanie said: “This is one of the reason I love this lady, can’t love her less, she is way too real to be a human

talkwithkess wrote: “Why pour her water? That was uncalled for and the person sure deserved what came after.”

gazkitchen_ stated” “An anger for an anger. Cardi nwa, you’ve done well.”

eniafemac said: “Cardi B get one Nigeria blood for her body.”

lorde martha wrote: “Cardi na Burna Boy sister. Vawulence pro max”

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