POPULAR ACTRESS CONFESSES BEING A BISEXUAL – Says i am proudly i do boys and girls

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Princess Shyngle, who was previously engaged to her lover, is now done with the relationship.

The dark and curvy Gambian actress is now searching for another man. And wait for this… or even a woman with whom to have an affair.

According to the self acclaimed bisexual actress, she doesn’t want to lose so much weight, because she needs her big butt intact so that it can fetch her a handsome man or pretty woman.

“I need that booty to get me either a new man or woman.

You guys know I swing both ways, right? I love boys, and I love girls. I’m a proud bisexual girl.

I have nothing to be embarrassed about. I have good taste for women. But you must be finer and hotter than me to date you. I am tired of men. My next girlfriend has to be hot with a fat ass. I’ll also take good care of you and spoil you rotten,” she said in an Instagram post.

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