PHOTOS: Cameroonian Mother Abandons Newborn Baby, Drops Note

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An abandoned newborn baby was found on Thursday with a hand-written note found beside it, suspected to have been left by the mother.

According to MIMIMEFO, the baby was found early Thursday morning beside Mideno in Ntefinki quarter in Nkwen, Bamenda, North West region of Cameroon.

“The baby was discovered around 6:00am. After notifying the quarter head and other authorities, the child was taken to the Health Centre where he was confirmed to be doing well in health,” the report added.

In the handwritten letter, the mother said she had no other choice as she had nothing to take care of the baby with, or anyone to rely on.

She wrote, “I am sorry I had to do this. I had no other choice cus I want my baby to live a happy life.

“I have nothing; no one to help me and nothing to start a small business that can sustain the baby and I.

“Please help me take good care of him and I pray God bless and grant your heart desires. The baby’s name is Migael and he was born on the 26 April, 2023. He has taken his first vaccine which is “BCG” and is still to be circumcised. God bless you and your household. Thank You.”

Founder of Reach Out Organisation whose collaborator found the baby said, “He was also taken to the hospital and medics confirmed he is safe and sound. We are now trying to see what to do.”


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