PHOTONEWS : Man Set To Marry Three Women Same Day In Benue (Photo

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A Nigerian identified as Tersugh Aondona is set to marry three women on the same day in Benue State.

According to the invite, the wedding will be held on Wednesday, January 31, 2024, (today) at Lante Kukwagh Comprehensive Secondary School, Jato-Aka, Kwande Local Government Area of the state.

The invite also revealed the names of the wives to be Blessing, Nancy and Sulumshima.

The celebration is to start by 6pm till dawn.

One Harry Nyam, who first announced the wedding on Facebook, wrote, “31st January is finally here. All roads lead to Jato Aka today for our man, Tersugh Aondona AKA Aterry-baba.

“I just got in here and the town looks set to host the biggest weddings ever held in the state. Congrats to you and your wives bro. Very happy women. God when?????”

One James Atsa’am also wrote, “That’s how things are. The three wives and their husband are doing what makes them happy. Carry on Orvesen Tersugh Aondona.”

Another user, Waalawa Mbaikyor, wrote, “All roads leads to Turan-Jato-Aka tonight, the ancestral home of the Tiv nation as we all gather to celebrate our brother and his three tear leather wives.

“Of the three wives, one is Wan Utyomdu-Ihyarev, one is Wan Mbaterem Ukum and one is Wan Mbape Tor Ajio Ishangev-Ya.

“Our brother has captured the entire Tiv nation beginning from Kwande, MINDA And Sankera. We hope to celebrate the 4th and 5th Wives from Jemgbagh and Jechira.

“Congratulations to my brother, Or-U-Kuhwan Kasev Utar Yange Imom, High Chief Tersugh Aondona. I will be there tonight with the Jato-Aka people.”

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