Pastor Prosper Igboke was not betrayed by his girlfriend but he suffered a mental disorder after a ministration in Nnewi!! Family Member

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Prosper Igboke was my maternal cousin and I received the news of his death on the day of my trad

When my new wife noticed that I was suddenly moody, while in my uncle’s car, as we were driving back home, she asked me what happened.

I told her that I just received sad news, that one of my maternal cousins was dead; he committed suicide.

When I got home, I started calling other of my cousins

To get the full gist of what happened, no one seems to have the full details

Prosper didnt relate well with us (his cousins) so no one fully knew what happened

Anyway, the day for his funeral was fixed.

My mum didn’t want to miss it, so she called and told me to sponsor her trip to the funeral

He was buried yesterday. My mum was there.

Earlier today, I noticed that the news of Prosper’s death has gone viral

The news going viral is so different from what my mum reported to me earlier today.

Prosper is a student and still lives with his pastor (Flame House).

Prosper’s girlfriend spoke with my mum telling her that she never betrayed him

Prosper has sent text to some of my cousins recently that he wants to marry.

This is the report of what happened prior to his death.

Prosper went for a ministration in Nnewi, and when he came back, he had lost his senses, he wasn’t mentally coordinated.

No one knew why

His pastor locked him up and asked some people to watch over him while he went to a meeting instead of taking him to a hospital to find out why he wasn’t mentally coordinated

Prosper jumped from the window of the room he was locked in

His pastor refused to give us his phone for we to investigate what happened to date. Pastor said Prosper had gifted him the phone

My mum’s maiden name is Cecilia Igboke, she is The younger sibling to Prosper’s father
Whose name is Bestman Igboke

I did this post to correct some of the false narratives flying around. has earlier reported about the story with the Anambra pastor jumps down storey-building, kills self after lover jilted him

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