OUR CREED; Nkemdi C Kenneth UPP Senatorial Candidate Lagos West 2019, President/Founder Nkemdi Mordi Development Initiative(NMDI) Bringing Hope, Lighting Lives

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It will be important to note that Initiative of this nature, bring about important social changes that are sometimes left behind. You don’t have to wait to be an adult or be in control of thousands of dollars to be an active member if this initiative or make great impact in your immediate society.

Our opinion and actions matters and it should be heard and through this initiative it must be heard.

I’m happy and delighted to the right spirit displayed in the Initiative.

There is hope. There are still last men standing. We have noted clearly that the ugly situation has reached its apogee where concerted effort must be made if we must take this country to a greater height.

I thank all once more, as we will keep all posted as we work on to implement some of the suggestions made, we will soon hit the road running.


1. Our people of Nigeria must see our leaders exactly the way they are, not the way we wish they were.
2. We WHO HAVE, shall lend a helping hand to the people who have not.
3. We who can shall employ the people without jobs
4. We who can, shall help feed the people that are hungry.
5. We shall invest in Electricity, healthcare and welfare of we the masses.
6. We shall make Nigeria better for those coming after us.
7. We shall be Nigerians first at all times.
8. We shall put Gods law above all
9. We shall do no harm to our fellow man and
10. We shall only support a Government of we the people by the people for the people.

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