Nollywood Producer, Kate Alisigwe narrates her experience in a movie set at River Niger, where Junior Pope drowned.

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She was seen in a picture in a boat without life jacket. In fact she was the only one amongst the three in that boat without a life Jacket. After the sad death of Junior Pope and some members of the crew, the Nollywood Actress and Producer, Kate Alisigwe took to her verified Facebook wall to tell her own story and experience, shooting movie at same River Niger without a life jacket. She wrote:- “Did you notice what played out here?

” On that very day I had issue with a movie director over a life jacket. You can see how the props guy provided jackets for the so called established actors and left me to my fate because I was an upcoming artist. When I complained, he almost terminated my character on the spot”

“It didn’t stop there, I was practically coerced by the producer to enter the boat without life jacket. Apparently my life wasn’t important because I was an upcoming artist after all I needed the job to grow. St*pid me entered”.

Nollywood should review the kind of directors and producers they register into film production. Most of them are extremely wicked and don’t care about people’s lives. They care only about themselves and money they’ll make.

That very action propelled me into registering as a movie producer.

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