Nigerian Lady Sacked From New Job In Canada For Saying “SORRY” Too Much (Photo)

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A Nigerian lady in the diaspora, identified as @mmariaammx, has revealed she was sacked from her care attendant job in Canada for saying SORRY too often.

In what came as culture shock, the young lady said sorry is a default word in Nigeria but that is not the case in Canada.

In a TikTok video, she advised people to be ready to unlearn and relearn when emigrating to foreign countries, saying she has learnt her lesson.

She explained that she got a care attendant job as a side hustle as she already had a 9-5 work in Canada. On the first day of work, she noticed her employer had a health challenge that put her in pain daily and tried to be empathetic by always apologising.

@mmariaammx’s employer called her to order, noting that the constant ‘sorry’ gets on her nerves. She refused to listen and this got her sacked days later.

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