Nigeria self – confessed randy 70- year – old socialite, Francis Van-Lanre reveals how he sleeps with married women, set to lunch a book

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“The first married woman I poied when I arrived the USA was a drop gorgeous Puerto Rican lady in 1978 . I was working as an intern accountant in a law firm full of powerful successful lawyers both male and female and all the male lawyers were interested in her kpekus. Puerto Rican kpekus sweet wella”

I could not afford to take her out to fancy restaurants those lawyers were offering to her on expensive 5th Avenue in Manhattan NY where the law office was located so I managed myself eating my Tuna sandwich in the company’s cafeteria. To my surprise this lady came to join me while I was eating my Tuna sandwich and started asking me where I am from with my beautiful accent . I told her I am from Nigeria a country in Africa . I went ahead to educate her that Africa is not one country as is the USA but several countries .

One thing led to the other and she started bringing a better sandwich than my Tuna for us for lunch . The way those randy lawyers were looking at us in the cafeteria, I do not need Einstein to tell me one jealous randy supervisor will soon find an excuse to get me fired . She later suggested that we eat lunch out and she was paying . She earned double my pay as the front office receptionist. Honestly that babe needed to be paid big money to be the first person you see when you enter that beautiful office .

One day lunch was arranged in a hotel by her , I never noticed that small hotel even though I pass by it almost everyday . Honestly it is when you start cheating on your partner or stealing somebody’s partner that you start noticing small hotels in New York City that you rent for 4 hours. Four hours is enough time to do the do , rest and go home or back to work . In my case with her it was 30 minutes for the do, shower to avoid smelling of poi and back to work . The weekly poi sessions were held on Fridays mostly and we go home from there sometimes.

At one time she did not come to work for days as she was sick . When I called her she invited me to her house in Brooklyn as she was missing me and I honored her invitation. If you are my through follower read back on my wall to some time last year where I posted the story of how I went to her house and her husband suddenly returned from wherever he went to before he was due to return and I hid in their closest . The story posted was the middle and this is the beginning.. The conclusion of what happened after I enter their closet to hide is in my upcoming book , ‘Life in my adopted country, The USA ‘ . Did the husband finally catch me red handed ? Did those randy lawyers fire me because the lady preferred my gbola ?

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