Nigeria Ladies drag gospel singer, Frank Edward. ” You must marry this yesr, by fire by force” – Ladies kick

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There’s a video trending online where a pastor was warning ladies against thinking he is up for marriage.

“If you came to this church thinking I am your husband, unthink it.”

Wahala dey ooo.

You might be wondering why he issued such a warning.

According to the pastor, there have been several occasions whereby some ladies had met some of the leaders of the church, telling them that God led them there to be his spouse. I beg, how many women will the pastor marry? Well the warning is timely so that ladies with such intentions won’t waste precious time hoping to tie the knot with the minister.

Reading that story just took me to the dilemma of Frank Edwards concerning marriage. Same thing is happening to Frank Edwards now. He is to many, the most eligible bachelor in town. Have you been following his Facebook page? If you have, then you are used to reading comments about his marital status. The issue has now assumed a serious level for online candidates.

This is what is trending there now. The post has Mark Zuckerberg’s photo and says, “If any of you ever disturb Frank about marriage again, I will turn it off Again.”

Frank’s comment before the post reads, “Good!! Since y’ll won’t let me be!!.” The post has attracted over 3k comments, especially from ladies.

Okeke Joy Chisom wrote, “We Nigerians love trouble and this threat is not fazing us, one bit. This year, see you, see marriage. Nothing wey Mark wan do.”

Charity Okolie wrote, “Boss is that a threat to we online in-laws? Sir, we no go gree for you this year ooo. We no go stop until you marry. We can settle with marknsukka bag (funny way to spell Mark Zuckerberg) later.”

A Netizen that goes by name, Mummy Triplets diary wrote, “If e like make him clear the server. This year you must marry.”

“Even bachelorhood is tired of you sir”, Goddy G Ahamefula wrote. Oh my God! People have foul mouth.

Margaret Chukwuemeka takes it to another level. “Just make sure she’s a Nigerian…we are humans too.”To Margaret’s comment, Titilayo Adekunle replied, “That’s very important,” adding, “Single ladies gather here, we have a meeting.” I tell you, Frank is in trouble.

Now, Sapi Enita will get you all cracked up. “Growing up, I crushed on you ehhh, my mother said I’ll end up getting married to Frank Edwards. Sometime a few years back when I didn’t have a smartphone, I heard you got married, obi mgbawa biam (heart break). Then I finally got a smart phone in SS3 when you released ‘Okaka’ and I Googled you and found out you’re still single; happiness wan finish me.”

Please online aspirants and in-laws should let this gospel music maestro be. Na by force to marry? By the way, Frank, why are you still single? Hahahaha.

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