NIGERIA – A Transmogrified antipode of her archetype by Sir. Emeka Achilefu

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Our collective albatross is the perennial failure of successsive administrations in decades past occasioned by lack of political will to proactively address the monsters of insecurity, bad economy, corruption and unemployment that have axphyxiated us. No doubt and I agree no less without plunging myself into the abyss of tribal advocacies that Tinubu is just an innocent recipient of a marauding age-long quagmire. However, there must also be a consensus that he is an unprepared war monger that never guided against death as a possible consequence of war. It is the height of mental denudation for one to delve into unfamiliar terrain without a comprehensive action plan.

What is most troubling is not the inevitable imbroglio we inadvertently find ourselves in, but the heated arguments that seek to exonerate or condemn the president by surrogates whose media sycophancy quickly assuages their hunger while the rest wallows in misery. The partisanship on the part of the opposing gladiators has all pontency to cause more conflagration in an already tensed atmosphere. APC under Buhari through the garrulous Lai Mohamed waisted eight (8) precious years solving Nigeria woes by blaming PDP government of malfeasance. Unfortunately today, the party has turned against itself by attacking their predecessor who is of the same political stock and ideology. I understand APC has a manifesto that is a blueprint of anticipated deliverables expected to target critical areas of need and on which premise electorates made their considered choices. Hence Buhari merely prosecuted APC’s agenda just like Tinubu is doing presently. This blame game for me is a subtle admission of failure on the part of incumbent regime.

President Bola Tinubu
President Bola Tinubu

The present government of APC had hoodwinked gullible electorates to believe they had the magic wand to solve their litany of woes and on this basis, the masses voted for them. APC’s constant beckoning to PDP to profer solution is such a shameful dereliction that exposes their depth of ineptitude, incompetence and clear lack of vision and direction. A government that is not performance driven will require as many years as PDP held sway to end their blame game tactics. Since each month presents a new vista of fiscal irresponsibility and financial recklessness as alleged by APC, it is congruent that it ll take them that long to completely clean the augean stables. Nigerian has become an evolving theatre of charlatans whose leaders are more interested to identy the root causes of her problems but least prepared to solve any, a clear aberration of the tenets of leadership. So unfortunate that President Tinubu tried to implement policy statements of other presidential contenders without a clear understanding of the model and template for its applications. The subsidy removal that Atiku and Peter Obi advocated for I understand would have come in phases with provisions of palliatives to cushion the effect. These men would have equally empanelled a team to observe the impact of the policy and provide necessary feedbacks. Without sounding pessimistic, the available indices and the propensity at which things have fallen apart gives a continuous bearish direction in the near future. There is an urgent need to move away from this paradigm of mudslinging and blame game. Where are our best? Where are Wole Soyinka and the yoruba activists. I am so appalled at the absurdity of the sudden loss of voices of our so-called democracy activists most of whom are of the same ethnic stock with the president. The present Nigerian situation has fulfilled all requirements for a national protest/ movement unprecedented in our annals. I am afraid, this trajectory which is compellingly being sustained by all indices will see dollar coming to 2000/naira before the end of the year with all its deleterious consequences. Increments in taxes of everything which plunges us deeper into economic syncope has become government’s only lifeline which unambiguously defines an insensitive and incompetent government.

The Nigeria of today has no nexus for comparison with Nigeria under the worst of any administration civilian or military. We have today an antipode of the archetypal country envisioned by our founding fathers having undergone series of socio-political cum economic transmogrifications.
Sir. Emeka Achilefu writes from Aba.

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