Niger Delta Youth Peace Builders Backs Move To Restore Peace In South East

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A non political organization under the aegis of Niger Delta Youth Peace Builders (NDYPB),has thrown support in restoring lasting peace in the South East Region.

In a chat with Journalists, the President of the group, Comrade Chibuike Emmanuel said the group is dedicated to promoting peace and fostering development, stating its willingness to support the initiative of the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives,Rt Hon Benjamin Kalu with the Federal Government to restore tranquility in the Southeast region,an idea the president of NDYPB said has resonated deeply with the group.

Comrade Emmanuel who berated the recent security challenges in the southeast region,commended the lofty idea of the Deputy Speaker which he described as the beacon of hope in the Southeast.

According to him, the Southeast, which was once known for its vibrant culture and thriving communities, has unfortunately been marred by violence in recent times.

The NDYPB President, Comrade Chibuike Emmanuel, recognized this as a deviation from the region’s true nature and emphasized that the Southeast’s soul is not that of conflict but of progress and unity.

He said the unfortunate situation in the region, is born out of unforeseen circumstances and have caused immense pain and loss,leaving scars that demand for a lasting solution.

“The wind of change is blowing across the Southeast, carrying a message of hope and reconciliation. In the midst of past turmoil, a champion for peace has emerged”,he said.

Comrade Chibuike Emmanuel further buttressd that the tide is turning in the Southeast,as Rt Hon Kalu’s initiative for peace, represents a beacon of hope and added that there is need to call for dialogue and understanding.

He pointed that the Deputy Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives, understood that sustainable peace can only be built through inclusiveness,as every voice,grievance and perspective must be heard and addressed. “No one should be left behind in this crucial process of healing and rebuilding”.

The NDYPB boss, however, extended the group‘s unwavering support to the Deputy Speaker and the Federal government efforts in bringing back lasting peace in the area,adding that their dedication to peace building is not mere words.”It is a proven track record of successful initiatives across the Niger Delta and Southeast. Their expertise, resources, and networks are readily available to be channelled into making this peace program a resounding success.

“This is not just about restoring peace, it’s about building a brighter future for the Southeast. Imagine a region where infrastructure flourishes, businesses thrive, and young minds can dream without fear. Imagine communities united, not by scars of conflict, but by the shared pursuit of prosperity and progress.

“This is the vision NDYPB share in common with the initiative of Rt Hon Benjamin Kalu. A vision that compels us to act. We call upon all stakeholders in the Southeast,community leaders, government officials, civil society organizations, Traditional rulers and every concerned citizen to join hands in this critical endeavour. Lend your voices, resources and expertise. Let us be the generation that breaks the cycle of violence and ushers in an era of lasting peace”,he stressed.

He added that the region should come together in unity and peace to foster development in the Southeast.

Comrade Chibuike Emmanuel equally pleaded for the release of the Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB),Mazi Nnamdi Kanu,who was incarcerated,adding that his release would further enhance peace in the Southeast.

He said any action to restore peace in the Southeast would remain futile,as long as Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is still in detention,stating that the best Christmas gift the Federal government would give to the South East region is to release Mazi Kanu.

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