NEW YAM FESTIVAL 2023: Chief Amaku advocates integration of conventional African traditional entertainment with Igbo cultural heritage

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New yam festivals in Igbo land are usually celebrated in same style and fashion, mostly in our rural communities with funfair and lavish cultural display.

However, Aba residents are set to experience a ” New Yam Festival” with a difference as they would be taken on an usual cultural cum entertainment journey, with all the fun, bliss and razzmattaz, that promises to be diametrically electryfyimg to both custodian of our Igbo cultural heritage and fun seekers alike and it will happen in the commercial nerve centre of Igbo Land, Aba, the Enyimba city

The aim is to bring the rich Igbo cultural heritage by the foremost Enyimba City fun rendezvous, ” Sky View Lounge” that is set to treat its fans to a lavish 2023 New Yam Festival.

In an exclusive interaction with newsmen, the promoter of the project, Chief Michael Chijioke Amatu said the planned integration of the popular New Yam Festival into its activities this year is to preserve, promote and inculcate the rich Igbo cultural heritage into the up coming generations

According to Amaku ,who was the immediate past Chairman of the Ariaria International Market, the adoption of the celebration is in line with its philosophy of bridging the wide gap between residents pursuit of economic activities and making time out to relax their nerves.

“About five years ago ,i discovered that many residents of Aba were too immersed in the pursuit of business activities ,without finding time to attend to themselves,socially and even medically.

Many don’t bother to make out time to check their health conditions, as well as make out time to relax .

On this note ,we decided to float this entertainment outfit to help our people to strike the needed balance in their lives.

It is good to work hard and,to engage in the pursuit of business activities. At this time , it is also advisable to make out time to relax and reflect .

I am happy that ” Sky view lounge” has made considerable impact in helping our people to attend to themselves outside business activities since coming on board.” Chief Amaku said.

” Most of the traditional entertaining activities, like ,wrestling, cultural dance displays, cooking competitions etc use to be on display mostly during New Yam Festival Ceremonies”.

,” So, our mission is to use this year’s New Yam Festival to call back the consciousness of our people and encourage them to be proud of our traditions and cultural heritage.” Amaku stated

He noted that the decision for the New Yam Festival is to blend conventional entertainment with those of the traditional African setting at ” Sky View Lounge” and promises it will be a continuous activity, until a synergy is formed.

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