N542.8M: Concerned Abia citizen raise alarm over the huge amount Dr. Alex otti allegedly spent on media in three months

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A concerned Abia citizen has raised alarm on the amount allegedly spent by Dr. Alex Otti led administration in Abia state on the Ministry of Information.

He took to his verified Facebook page the query the humongous amount being peddled as being spent to run the information department of Dr. Otti government.

He raised some possers thus:

* Unless a government is trying to deceive the people with make-believe and non-existent paradise in Abia, what would make any prudent government spend an average of N180.7M monthly on information.

*When a lie is told, one needs several other lies to cover the first lie. That explains what could logically cost a government so much on management of information.

*Abia Civil Servants are yet to get any extra pay or increment in their salary, Pensioners are paid 40% and some doesn’t get, parastatals are still been owed, Local Govt. workers are owed, yet a supposed prudent government wasted N542.8M in just 3 months on information.

*Little wonder skit makers, comedians are coming to Abia to promote a non-existent New Abia. National TV stations and Newspapers are carrying minutest news about Abia on daily basis just to create a false impression that the state is Eldorado within 5 months.

*I once called them, “validation junkies and addicts”. I know how expensive it is to carry news on National TV stations and Newspapers. What will justify such huge wasteful spending on information when civil servants go to bed hungry. Salaries are deducted and many not paid but government goes on spending spree with a view to convincing those in Lagos and Abuja that there is paradise in Abia.

*A total of about 15,000 junior workers have been sacked. Their average salary hovers around 30 to 35k monthly. With the amount this Govt had wasted on information, it could have been enough to keep those poor Abians they sacked in their offices but the New Abia preferred to patronise media houses owned by billionaire entrepreneurs.

*If truly the messiah has come to work for Abians, those N5.32BN spent on servicing Governor’s office and N2.8BN on security vote would have been used to add extra N5k on workers salaries. Note, only Abia among the entire southeastern states is yet to add anything on workers salaries to cushion the harsh economic realities of subsidy removal.

*Those asking how Imo, Anambra, Ebonyi, and Enugu States managed to add extra N10k to N20k on workers salaries; the answer is not farfetched, the Q3 budget performance report has exposed it. Those other states or governments didn’t have to spend N542.8M on biased and misleading information, used to promote political point of view and New Abia of make-believe.

*This huge expenditure on information can only be logical, if the money was spent using a loud speaker to communicate effectively with the deaf.

…….keeping it honest.


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