My Wife Sold All My Properties, Reduced Me To A Pauper- Emeka Ike

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Nollywood actor, Emeka Ike, has shared how his wife and mother of his kids sold all his properties including his school, St. Nicholas College (worth over N40 million as of then). reports that Emeka Ike who was a guest on Rubbin’ Minds said his wife was involved with criminals who she worked with to reduce him to a pauper.

He added that after the marital mess, he had to shut down his celebrity life and focus on his family.

He also shared that he now resides in Germany and has married a South African woman.

“To be a woman beater, you have to be a very successful man because no carpenter or poor man is a woman beater,” Emeka Ike says, narrating his ordeal in his marriage with his estranged wife.

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