My wife can cheat, but she shouldn’t leave my house — Actor Sola Gaji says

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Actor Sola Olaibi Gaji has said that he expects his wife to remain in his home as his spouse, even if she cheats.

He made this revelation in an interview with his colleague Biola Bayo on her podcast “Talk to B.”

He admitted to having many flaws that people are unaware of but also described himself as a good lover.

The actor then revealed that his wife left him after getting tired of their marriage.

He recounted how his wife abruptly decided she no longer wanted to be with him, leading to the breakdown of their marriage.

Gaji, who plays comic roles in Yoruba movies, stated that he will forgive infidelity as long as his partner continues living with him.

Gaji said in part: “My wife just changed, and all of a sudden, she told me she no longer wants to be with me any longer.

“Even if you have someone else you’re dating outside our relationship, I am not hindering you from carrying on with the person. But don’t leave my house. Let people still see you and me as husband and wife.”

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