”My sister told me to be sleeping with her husband, now they want me to do my 3rd abortion” – Onyinye cries for help

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In a startling revelation that has left a community in disbelief, the complex and heart-wrenching story of Onyinye, her elder sister, and a forbidden relationship has come to light.

In a trending video online, Onyinye has been starting with her sister and her husband since she finished secondary school.

Her sister, driven by a fear of losing her husband to other women, made an astonishing request: for Onyinye to sleep with her husband, during this process Oyinye got pregnant and was told to remove it twice.

She got pregnant the 3rd time and was told to remove it and she refused to remove it because it was not healthy for her according to the doctor.

Her sister who is blessed with 3 kids alongside her husband sent Onyinye out of the house and also threatened to collect the shop they opened for her, the shop was opened for her for compensation.

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