My Boss Poured A Glass Of Beer On Me, What Should I Do? 

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My Boss Poured A Glass Of Beer On Me, What Should I Do? by Standstrong: 5:25pm On Feb 06

I’m being seriously abuse at my current place of work by my boss.

I work in a hotel, one day in, one day out.

I started working there October last year, and I received the October salary ending of November after so much deductions that took almost 40% of what supposed to the salary. I received November salary middle of December (same thing) and since then, no payment again. We are in February and I have needs for the money.

Just in case he had forgotten, I earlier on reminded him of December salary and he didn’t say a thing.

Due to my exposure in the hotel, over time, I’m experiencing some negative changes on my health.

At the close of work, I have no where else to sleep than to prepare a place at the open bar and that is where I sleep.

Cool air and mosquitoes deal with me to no small measure. As a result, I have been sick of constant malaria/typhoid and apparently, cold.

The cold part is evident at the constant chest pain and difficulty in breathing I have and sometimes I’m almost down completely due to it. I can’t even carry myself to do what I’m supposed to do due to serious chest pains.

With all the symptoms of bad health, I need to visit hospital for care. So last week, knowing he was about to travel, I went to remind him of my salary so I can visit hospital. Since I know he’s someone with anger issue, first, I pleaded he shouldn’t be mad at me for approaching him concerning the matter. So he pretended to be calm but the moment I mentioned my salary, he went mad and emptied the whole glass of beer he was drinking on me, not minding the white shirt I was putting on.

Not just doing that, he stood up violently as though he wanted to slap me (have done that before) and that was when I shifted away from the place, with my whole body in mess.

The following day, he travelled. I thought he was going to pay me (even pay off) before traveling but he didn’t.

With all the abuse and more going on in the place, I want to stop the work even though I have nothing else at hand now.

Some people are saying I should stop the work forthwith and “treat his f”up”, but I don’t understand what that means and I’m not ready for anything violence or will lead to someone else.

I just want to get my 2 months+ salary immediately so I can go to the hospital and check my health. I know how I am feeling inside me and life is only one. He can keep his job with abuse.

Na poverty and unemployment cause am.

How much is even the salary? Upon all the suffering in the place?

Please what is the best thing for me to do now?

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