Murdered In Six Months Of Marriage || A Sad Marital Abuse Coming From Nnewi

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On the late hours of the 2nd of March,2023, the family of late Mr Nathaniel Uzuegbunam in Obiuno community in Otolo,Nnewi received a very sad and heartbreaking news about the death of their daughter ,Mrs Ebere Obiora(Nne Uzuegbunam), who was later discovered to have been strangled to death by her husband ,Mr Ikechukwu Obiora from Ezi-Ogwugwu community,also in Otolo, Nnewi.

The news came as a shock to the family,as they have no idea of their daughter having issues with her husband since she got married in August,2022.

On the evening of that 2nd of March,around 7pm,the mother of the murderer(the husband) called the family of the wife and told them that their daughter slumped,and she was looking dead,saying that they should come around quickly.On getting there,they were told to come to Nnewi Diocesan Hospital (Akwudo) where she was taken.
On the family getting to Akwudo,the Doctor there confirmed that their daughter has passed on.

Trying to clear all doubts,she was taken to St Felix Okolo hospital,where it was also confirmed that their daughter has passed on.

Her body was now taken to Akwudo mortuary,where it was deposited for embalming .
Out of doubt that their daughter didn’t just slump and die,considering now pale the body was looking,showing that she must have died a long time ago and not that evening,and also the fact that her tongue was outside her mouth as a sign of someone who was strangled , the family of the deceased immediately reached out to the husband for more explanations.

When the husband ,Mr Ikechukwu Obiora was reached,he initially was denying,saying that his wife only slumped and died,but could not give reasonable and convincing explanations on how it happened.
He was also asked why he didn’t call his inlaws to tell them what happened to their daughter,until his mother had to call them,and he didn’t also give any reasonable excuse.
He was immediately arrested by Policemen and taken to Otolo Police station for more interrogations .He finally admitted that he was the one the actually strangled his wife to déath after the family of her wife insisted that they will carry out an autopsy on their daughter’s dead body to know what really killed her.

The husband killed her,a very sad thing !

Necessary legal steps are currently being taken to bring the murderer to book,for him to face the consequences of his actions .


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