Mohbad’s Wife Cries On Instagram Live, Accuses Father-In-Law Of Frustrating Move For Son’s DNA Test, Hobnobbing With People Who Bullied Late Singer

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Omowunmi Aloba, wife of the late singer, Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad, has accused her father-in-law, Joseph Aloba, of working with those who bullied her husband till his death.

Omowunmi, popularly known as Wunmi, made the allegation in an Instagram live video where she also said that Mohbad’s father sees his grandson, Liam as a competitor and a threat blocking him from getting full access to Mohbad’s property.

She said that Mohbad’s father is happy that he is using bloggers and social media influencers to make money online by monetizing his son’s death and that he is doing everything possible including taking her and her son out to get Mohbad’s property.

In the viral Instagram live video where she cried and called on Nigerians to come to her aid, Wunmi said, “I am used to all these. They all did that to Mohbad. They publicly do all these things to him. They gave TikTok influencers, Instagram and everything just to bully him to keep him shut, but I’m not going to keep shut for Liam.


“You can abuse me all you want just as you abused Mohbad but don’t come for Liam because I will fight for him with all my life. I will protect him because he is all I have got and I’m the only parent he has. Mohbad is not here to fight for him anymore.


“Please tell Baba (Mohbad’s father) to get a court order for a DNA test to be done. He is not getting the court order because he is happy that my son is getting by daily. This is my son whom I carried for 10 months.

“Everybody is telling me to keep shut. I cannot keep shut anymore, even if you are going to kill me, let Liam live, please. That is the only person Ilerioluwa left. Baba is not getting the court order because he is happy that Liam is being bashed, and that Liam is his competitor. He sees him as a threat.


“He is happy that he is using his son’s death to make money online. Everyone bashing for DNA, will you feel safe to take your son to a father who has been using bloggers to bully me?

“This is not Baba’s doing alone. He is working hand-in-hand with the same people who bullied Liam’s father. Baba has been seen with the people who bullied Liam’s father for many years. He has also been seen with the same person who fought with his son 48 hours before his son’s death which led to us calling a nurse.

“Baba is all about getting his son’s property, even if it means getting me and Liam out of the way. Please, even if I die, why are you all claiming justice for Mohbad and Liam has to die? What then is Mohbad’s gain? Nigerians, come to my aid.”

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