MIRACLE CHILD: ABSUTH calls for identification of a baby rescued from kidnappers and brought back to life

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Special Announcement

The management of Abia State University Teaching Hospital (ABSUTH) Aba, Abia State, is inviting the public to identify and claim this yet to be identified baby boy, about four or five years old, (pictured above) who has been recuperating at the Teaching Hospital since November 16, 2023 when he was rescued from the clutches of a suspected kidnap ring and brought to the hospital by a team of RRS operatives in the Enyimba city.

The boy, now nick-named “Miracle” by his nurses in the Teaching Hospital is still trying to recover from the trauma of allegedly being tied up and packaged inside a ‘Ghana Must Go’ bag by his abductors who were said to have been nabbed inside a tricycle on their way to probably dispose off the boy when they were pursued into the premises of the Methodist Church along Park Road, Aba by vigilant members of the public.

Although yet to recollect his memory following the sad incident, the boy, now in high spirits even as he plays alone in his crib, can now respond to calls and…



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