Meet Rare Identical Twins Who Are Profs, Have 4 Boys And One Girl Each, Teach In Same School

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The story of Professors Hassan and Hussain stands out among the countless stories of identical twins navigating life’s journey, capturing the attention and admiration of many Nigerians with its uniqueness and unprecedented nature.

They were bred in Kaduna State before forging ahead with their academic and other life pursuits.

“We have always done things together, from childhood until now as professors,” remarked Professor Hussain, reflecting on their journey.

According to Daily Trust, Hassan and Hussain, both professors of agricultural economics, earned their PhDs from the University of Ilorin, Kwara State, after completing their undergraduate and postgraduate studies at Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria.

Their bond transcends mere coincidence, as they attended the same schools, pursued identical career paths, and even embarked on the journey of marriage simultaneously, each blessed with four boys and one girl.

“We believe that educating people is one of the best ways to positively impact society,” Hussain emphasized, shedding light on their shared mission in academia.

Many people including students and lecturers find it hard to differentiate the twins.
One student who is in 500 Level in the Department of Agricultural Economics at the Federal University Dutsinma FUDMA, Suwaibat AbdulMalik, said “It’s really amazing because there are instances when Prof Hassan gives an assignment and we take it to Prof Hussain or if Hussain gives something to solve, we take it to Hassan. They will never ask you to look for the appropriate person but anyone you meet will attend to you.

“This helps a lot and has reduced the burden of identifying the right person. Once you meet any of them, he will treat you well, without minding or bothering about the particular twin you are looking for. They are indeed too identical.

“Another thing that makes it difficult to differentiate them is their mode of dressing, because most of the time they wear the same colour of dress. So, in a situation like that, even if you meet them together, not everyone can identify who is Hassan and who is Hussain,” Suwaibat said.

Despite their striking resemblance, the twins have seamlessly integrated into their roles as lecturers at the Federal University Dutsinma (FUDMA), Katsina State, where they jointly contribute to shaping young minds.

“The professors are too identical that no one in the department – student or lecturer, can easily tell them apart,” attested Muhammad Malle Abubakar, a student who has closely interacted with them.

Their commitment to unity extends beyond the classroom, evident in their familial bonds and shared responsibilities as fathers and husbands.

Their dedication to family harmony is exemplified in their seamless integration of two households, where children from both families are nurtured with equal love and care.

The children in the two separate families find it a bit hard to understand who their biological father is. This is because each of the professors plays fatherly roles to all the children and the rest of the family members to the best of his ability. The children always see them together and they provide for them without any difference.

Khalid – the first child of Professor Hussain, said “I don’t know much difference between Baba Hassan and Baba Hussain, each treats us as one. I feel comfortable with the two houses; we relate as one because that is what we learnt from them and that was how we were brought up. “Our family enjoys peace, we’re happy and comfortable. If you’re in our midst, you’d hardly notice any difference between the two families. We’re one and we see ourselves as such; no more, no less,” said Ibrahim, Hassan’s first child.

Born in Kawo Kaduna on August 9, 1973, Hassan and Hussain have found solace and joy in the city of Katsina, where they savor their favorite dish of rice and beans while indulging in shared interests like sports and research.

Their journey, marked by unwavering companionship and mutual support, serves as a testament to the enduring power of unity and brotherhood

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