Man arrested for allegedly strangling girlfriend to death in Owerri, dumps corpse in a gutter at Madumere street

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A boy identified as Chukwu has been arrested for killing and dumping the corpse of his orphaned girlfriend in the gutter at Madumere Street in Owerri Municipal Council of Imo State.

The Incident which took place on January 7, 2024, between the hours of 11 pm and 12 midnight is generating panic and concerns among the residents and Imo indigenes who are wondering how the young woman was murdered in cold blood.

The deceased spotted a red skirt, gold earrings, and gold necklace, and was seen in a drainage, soaked in the pool of her blood near an uncompleted building on the same street.

The deceased whose name was not disclosed hailed from Umuayala, Egbu in Owerri North LGA.

The residents have expressed shock that the suspect’s relations including a retired police commissioner are fighting hard to sweep the case under the carpet so that the suspect would evade prosecution.

A source who craved anonymity said the case was first reported at the Owerri Urban Police Station, where he disclosed that police wanted to play funny before the case was reported to CP Monitoring at Homicide 2 Department, Imo State Police Command where authorities ordered the arrest of the suspect.

He said: “The young lady is an orphan from Owerri North LGA and the boyfriend is from Madumere Street from Owerri Municipal Council.

“The boy has been arrested and is cooling off at the homicide department of command,” he said.

Narrating the incident he said: “This case happened on January 7, 2024.

” When I noticed it, I raised the alarm which attracted the residents to the spot where the corpse was dumped in a gutter near an uncompleted building. So I evacuated the body and I paid every bill including the mortuary bill and we went to the police in Owerri Urban where the police were trying to be funny, I transferred it to CP monitoring.

“We later set up a surveillance group about four of them, including my lawyers, to go into that community on surveillance. My Deputy PG also was there on surveillance. We also mobilised the whole vigilante in the area.

“We then threatened to make the police arrest all the boys on the street if they would not tell us exactly who killed this girl because in that community there are gates in every street that are being locked by 11 pm.

“So how come that such a corpse was dumped at Madumere Street and nobody saw them?

“So, it was supposed to be within, we threatened them and they confessed that that woman was a girlfriend to one of the vigilante boys and the same boy was the one that killed his girlfriend on Friday night.”

He said that the people reported that they saw the suspect with the victim on January 5th, 2024 around Onumiri very far from Madumere Street about two poles where the suspect resides adding that on that Friday night the girl was with the suspect.

When contacted, the police spokesman in the state, Henry Okoye said, “The suspect is still in Police Custody, the Command intends to carry out an autopsy to ascertain the cause of death of the victim. The suspect will be arraigned in court after a comprehensive investigation.”

“So after the vigilantes had written their report at the state CID Homicide 2. Then we went onto surveillance again, and we continued until the suspect was arrested using my lawyers and everything at our disposal because the boy wanted to run away, we tracked him and he was arrested.

“We also tried to track the deceased families and now found out that the deceased family is from Umuayala Egbu. So, we eventually got the sister and brother. They confessed that the boy had been a friend of their sister for four years and that there was a time he came to say he wanted to marry the girl and the same boy is married already.

“So we brought brother and sister to the homicide section and we had their statement and later the police paraded the boy at the sight of the scene. My deputy PG took them to the place to show them everything that had happened and they took the police to his boy’s house.

“Now we realised that the boy has a retired commissioner of police who was bent in closing the case and secondly the deceased family wanted to settle with the deceased family because they (deceased family) are so poor and scared because they don’t want any trouble as they claimed they have nobody to fight on their behalf them because the suspect family has been threatening fire and brimstones.

“But we have been told the deceased’s family to be strong and that we are with them but they have been so scared because they don’t have anybody. “

The source further said: “The suspect’s family wanted to negotiate with the deceased’s family so that they could negotiate the burial and pay the bride price but the bride price is not the future of the deceased. So the question is why was she killed and dumped in a gutter in that manner? Was it that she was not a human being?.”

He expressed sadness at how the victim was killed and dumped, “human beings should not be treated that way. I want the suspect to confess those who did it with him. I am calling on Nigerians to assist and call these people to order and make sure justice is given.”

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