Man 70, boasts sleeping with 70 Nigeria women, both single and married, publish names, pictures

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Nigerians on social media have bashed a self-acclaimed entrepreneur, Francis Van-Lare, who claimed to have slept with about 70 women and released the faces of the women on the internet to celebrate his 70th birthday.

Van-Lare, who took to his verified Facebook page on Friday, released the now-deleted names and pictures of the women he had sexual relations with, adding that he is releasing a book next year that will have a list of the over 70 ladies’ names and pictures.

According to him, “70 years reflection. Have you poied me before? (sic) I am putting together a picture slide of 365 photos to be played.

“Over the rest of December, starting December 7. I think I am missing some names in London and Italy in the 1970s that I ‘poied’ that I need to appreciate.”

Highlighting their names in batches, he penned, “Amina Ali, Farida Hassan, Jamila Ahmed, Zainab Ibrahim, Nasra Omar, Samira Yusuf, Rahma Abdi, Faduma Hussein, Saida Jama, Habiba Mohamed, Aisha Abdi, Fatima Mohamed, Zahra Ali, Halima Hassan, Safiya Ahmed, Mariam Ibrahim, Khadija Omar, Hawa Yusuf, Asma Abdi, Naima Hussein, Leila Jama, Salma Mohamed.”

Others are Rukia Abdi, Hafsa Ali, Muna Hassan, Zuhura Ahmed, Sabrina Ibrahim, Nadia Omar, Yasmin Yusuf, Layla Abdi, Amira Hussein, Zahara Jama, Fatuma Mohamed, Asha Abdi, Nafisa Ali, Shukri Hassan, Hanan Ahmed, Rania Ibrahim, Sumaya Omar, Huda Yusuf, Maimuna Abdi, Salima Hussein, Ayan Jama, Fauzia Mohamed, Laila Abdi, Nadifa Ali, Sahra Hassan, Zeynab Ahmed, Raha Ibrahim, Suhaila Omar, Eseohe Akhigbe, Osayi lyoha.

In another video, the 70-year-old advised young people who are looking up to him to start from age 15 to catch up with his records or do more than he had.

“Right now at age 70, I now do just two or three in a week, not like three or four that I do in a day at a tender age,” he added.

Meanwhile, Nigerians on the internet have continued to bash the self-acclaimed entrepreneur while seeking justice for most of the ladies suspected to be married.According to a netizen, Ladytee said, “I hope this man understands the gravity of these actions.”
Another netizen, Mr Eniola, wrote, “Only a jobless man will have sex every day sha. Married or not married. The 2-3 women a day means you are dead. He just typed out names through permutation. He hasn’t slept with all of them.”

A Psychotherapist said, “Granted that he’s profoundly foolish. Does he not have anyone within his circle that has a lick of sense? No one advice him against this folly? No one at all?”

A nameless man said, “I hope those ladies press for charges. For God’s sake, these are now married women.”

“What is this man up to? Most of these ladies are now wives. I don’t think this is necessary coming from someone of his age. I have never heard a fool at 70 before now. People close to him should advise him to drop all these shenanigans,” Adewale Damilare opined.

Ijeoma Ebisike declared, “Instead of this man to repent knowing his end is near, he is busy celebrating sin.”

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