Lady from Omah Lay’s concert apologises to boyfriend, addresses rumours

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The lady who danced with Omay Lay at his recent concert has issued a public apology to her boyfriend while addressing various rumors circulating on social media.


The lady, simply identified as Jesss, revealed that she and her boyfriend had discussed her participation in the Omah Lay concert prior to her appearance on stage.

In the now-trending video on Monday, February 26, she stated that if she knew the situation was going to get “this far, she wouldn’t have gone for the concert.”

She said: “Before I get started, I want to publicly apologise to him, obviously me and him have had private conversations. Since it was public, I think the right thing for me to do is apologise to him in public. It was honestly a mistake. If I knew this would get this far, I wouldn’t even go to the concert. Since it was public, I want to publicly apologise to him.

“People saying he’s the one who bought the ticket. Who told you that? I bought the ticket and wanted me and him to have a good time.

“Also me and my boyfriend have had private conversations about going on stage with Omah Lay. So, I’ve said to him, if I were to be called on stage, I am going. And he said, That’s fine.”

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