IPOB orders EEDC to provide steady power supply or immediately vacate South East

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The global family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by the indomitable leader Mazi Nnamdi Okwu Kanu calls for EEDC’s response to IPOB’s publication which they claimed was a misinformation a misguided strategy. Only hypocrites misdirects facts and call it misinformation.

The deceptive strategy of EEDC to sway the people of the South East by claiming that IPOB criticisms over non supply of power and extortion of their customers as misinformation. EEDC forgot that the same people are their unsatisfied customers. EEDC should not shift blames as the reasons why they failed to provide substantial power in the South East. EEDC should take responsibility of abysmal power supply and extortion of people. The people have been subjected to pay for electricity that was not supplied. For years Ndigbo have been subjected to extortions via over billing and estimated bills, or for electricity not supplied at all by EEDC. While Ndigbo are groaning in darkness, EEDC is smiling to the bank as a wicked monopolistic slumlord. The hypocritic and deceptive responses of EEDC on National Dailies to save faces in the South East is a waste of time. IPOB members are not foreigners but part of Ndigbo and also victims of the power extortion by EEDC. IPOB criticisms are factual not misinformation as falsely claimed by EEDC in their press statement. The only thing that will spear EEDC is to provide our people with electricity, and meters or be ejected out of the region.

IPOB maintains that Ndigbo are not interested in a hypocritic statement or media banter from EEDC. The company should provide regular power to the people of South East or plan to exit the region with dangerous outcome. Moreso, the company should provide their customers FREE meters as applicable in other areas like Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna and recently in Ondo. There should be an end to using criminal technicians to go about extorting and disconnecting people’s lights for not paying unsupplied power bills. If EEDC denies they are not extorting money from their customers, they should provide their customers free prepaid meters so that people will pay what they consume. If Geometric can provide free meters to their consumers in Aba and other places within few months of operations why is EEDC giving estimated bills after years of operations?

EEDC claimed that vandalization of their infrastructure contributed to non power supply to some areas. EEDC are indirectly encouraging vandalism because many communities pay through their nose to EEDC to fix the vandalized infrastructures. Many faulty power transformers that some villagers bought by themselves that EEDC took for repairs were never returned to the communities.
EEDC claimed that no amount was involved in the MOU signed by Anambra State Government and EEDC. We therefore, challenge EEDC to publish the same terms of MOU.
EEDC further claimed that their Chairman, Emeka Offor was wrongly portrayed. They claimed that their Chairman had a testimonial of good works in the South East but failed to show any evidence of his good works.

IPOB leadership has decided to take it upon ourselves to ensure there is constant light supply in the Biafra Land. EEDC must provide adequate light and free prepaid meters across the South East. All the lazy excuses why EEDC are strangulating economic growth in the South East will no longer be tolerated. If EEDC is finding it difficult to provide power to the South East Region based on the challenges they enumerated in their press release, then they should plan to vacate the South East for another company to take over before we chase them out of South East without remorse.

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