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The attention of the global family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by the great and indefatigable leader, Mazi Nnamdi Okwuchukwu Kanu expresses concern over the  baseless accusation against IPOB and ESN over the land dispute by some Catholic Reverend Fathers in Tansian University Oba in Anambra State.

The following Catholic priests in Tansian University should be called to order.

Rev. Fr. Edwin Obiora

Rev. Fr. Innocent Uke

Rev. Fr. Daniel Igwilo

Rev. Fr. Lawrence Nwankwo

The above named  Reverend Fathers should desist from linking IPOB and ESN Operatives into the land dispute between their institution, Tansian University in Oba, and other land contenders. The Catholic Church and the management of Tansian University should resolve their land disputes with their contenders without politically involving IPOB and ESN. IPOB and ESN are not land administrators or the law court, and neither do we serve as land guards to anyone.

IPOB and ESN do not engage in or solve land disputes. ESN Operatives don’t work for any individual. They are not thugs for hire. In fact, IPOB and ESN do not engage in any form of criminality, PERIOD! FULL STOP!!

Therefore, the thought of accusing IPOB and ESN as working against Tansian University is baseless. We expect these Reverend Fathers to be wise enough to understand that normal criminals and State sponsored criminals do operate using ESN’s name just to tanish the image of this noble Biafra struggle.

The Intel we gathered confirmed that the above-mentioned Catholic Priests reported IPOB and ESN to Ogbaru Naval base Command in Anambra State as those being used to fight over the University land. What exactly will IPOB benefit from fighting for or against the university land should be the question every reasonable person must ask these men. For these Reverend Fathers to accuse IPOB and ESN without evidence shows that they are either ignorant or uninformed, or they have joined the blackmailing group against IPOB and the Biafra struggle. Moreso, for them to go to the Naval base at Ogbaru to make a report against IPOB and ESN means they are working with the Nigerian government to kill and destroy IPOB and its members. We condemn these treacherous actions of these priests.

Touch not my annoited and do my prophet no harm does not apply to a treacherous prophet. In IPOB, we respect those who deserve respect, particularly deserving clergies. But those who are stupid we despise and expose. Therefore, we are calling on His Eminence, Cardinal Opkalaeke, the Bishop of the Catholic Dioceses of Ekwulobia, to call his priests and boys to order. In IPOB, we don’t take it lightly with blackmailers and those working to destroy our struggle for Biafra Independence. Hiding under a Catholic Priest’s robes will not exonerate anyone who picks a fight against IPOB.

His Eminence, Cardinal Okpalaeke, Bishop of the Catholic Dioceses of Ekwulobia, who is encouraging these men in Anambra State, should caution the Reverend Fathers, mentioned above and the administration of Tansian University. We want to believe that the Bishop of Ekwulobia is not a slave of Rome who may be acting as a stooge of the Fulanis against the restoration of his home country. They must refrain from mentioning the name of IPOB and ESN in vain as it’s a punishable offense.


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