Independence Day: Ahiwe Salutes Abians, Nigerians, Expresses Confidence in Nigeria’s Greater Tomorrow

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The Abia State PDP governorship candidate in the 2023 general elections, Chief Okey Ahiwe has sent warm greetings to Abians and all Nigerians on the country’s 63rd independence anniversary.

Chief Ahiwe expressed his firm conviction that notwithstanding the country’s post-independence challenges, especially in political and economic contexts, Nigeria has risen beyond her worst years and is gradually but steadily heading towards a greater tomorrow in fulfilment of the dreams of the founding fathers and the citizens’ collective aspirations.

In his words, “A critical assessment of Nigeria’s post-independence years would show that we have won and lost together as a nation at different times. On the positive fronts, we could have achieved a lot more. But having survived the civil war and related existential upheavals, and having successfully established a growing democratic culture, I am confident that, even when it seems we are at the crossroads, we are actually crossing the roads to a new era of hope assuring a brighter future”

Chief Ahiwe said that Nigeria is at the threshold of a new national consciousness that must be anchored on the strong pillars of sustainable peace, security, economic prosperity, social justice and uncompromising protection of human rights.

He called on Abians and Nigerians at large to remain steadfast in prayers for the country while working together, utilizing the strength of our diversity to achieve our communal goals and bequeath inspiring legacies to future generations.

Victor C. Nwokocha, ANIPR
Media Adviser to Chief Okey Ahiwe
October 1, 2023

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