Imo: Samdaddy should face Uzodimma, the governor, not Ihedioha By Ori Martins

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Let me state it here categorically clear that one chap who has benefitted handsomely from the tragedy called social media “journalism” is a certain Ikenna Onuoha. He signs off as Senator Samuel Anyanwu’s media aide. As Anyanwu is dubbed Samdaddy, so also his social media errand boy appends the initials Mnipr to his identity. You can see a striking balance of similarity between them.

It is absolutely irritating that Onuoha, the acclaimed media aide to the senator who represented Imo East otherwise known as Owerri Zone in the National Assembly, is unaware that the word CABAL has no plural form. It is static. It is the initials of the five men who controlled the King of England about 1637.

Yet, half baked Onuoha is the one who advises Samdaddy, the sacked national secretary of PDP on media and publicity. You can now begin to wonder the kind of illiterate and ill conceived piece of advice he has been notoriously manufacturing from his pit of lies, for Samdaddy.

A cursory look at, not even a thorough analysis of his last infantile article with the banal headline to wit: “PDP, Ihedioha, Cabals & their Only Survival Option Before Exit” will obviously reveal Onuoha’s flaws as a “writer” . That work, more than anything else, exposes him as an amateur who has yet to sufficiently master the tenets of the art he has mischievously delved into.

Onuoha’s reckless claim that Chief Obasanjo joined PDP soon after its inception clearly dramatizes his acute ignorance about the formation of PDP and the rainbow events that historically took place in the era he is uncoordinately referring to. Let Onuoha and his league of half truth peddlers know that Obasanjo was lured to PDP and drafted into the 1999 presidential race long after the formation of the umbrella party by the exiting military leaders headed by Abdulsalami Abubakar.

Characteristically, Onuoha, perhaps, suffering from political amnesia even as he mindlessly launched an unprovoked attack against His Excellency, Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha, in a most disingenuous manner, stated that the immediate past Imo State governor was “no body” when PDP came into being.

It is a pity that Onuoha is one of those hatchet writers who cannot even guide an elementary school pupil. It stinks just as it rankles that a man who writes for public consumption and who appends Mnipr to his name, does not understand the simple difference between nobody and no body. What a shame.

Down that caricature and ridiculous work by Onuoha, he made nonsense of himself by committing more grammatical blunders. It is unacceptable and difficult to ascertain that our own Ikenna Onuoha up till now does not know that “in fact” is written in town words. Look at his laughable coinage: “infact, reliable information has it that… ” What a disaster! What a shame! What a disgrace!

It goes to underscore the calibre of persons around Samdaddy – inexperienced, untrained, uneducated – and this is why he wobbles, fumbles and ultimately tumbles. It is unfortunate that Onuoha refers to Ihedioha as a dead man, for that is the meaning of “no body” in the context he used it in his shaky article which was unpardonably written in inelegant English.

The other side of the coin here is Onuoha’s delibrate, misguided and brutal blow on Ihedioha when he falsely submitted that the erstwhile deputy speaker of the National Assembly was not in the mix when PDP was formed. With this fundamentally flawed claim, Onuoha practically displayed his ineptitude and grandiose ignorance about the PDP and its formation.

For the records, Ihedioha was an integral part of the the structure that eventually gave birth to PDP. His involvement to that effect cannot be overemphasized because Ihedioha’s three principals namely, His Excellency, Atiku Abubakar, Dr Chuba Okadigbo and Senator Iyorchia Ayu, were PDP Founding Fathers.

As a matter of fact, Ihedioha was a member of the Constitution Drafting Subcommittee of the PDP where Okadigbo served as the chairman. Let it made known to wannabes with butterfly shenanigans like Onuoha and his paymaster Samdaddy that Ihedioha was in the forefront of the group that suggested the name PDP ahead of all other names to the Founding Fathers.

A time came when all the major groups including, G- 34, PDM, PCF, etc, were searching for a name that would be suitable to be registered as a political party. Ihedioha’s suggestion was, since there was already a registered and acceptable association known as PDM, it would be instructive to continue in that pleasant ride by substituting the M (Movement) with P (Party). Thus, Peoples Democratic Movement (PDM) metamorphsed into Peoples Democrstic Party (PDP).

Therefore, it smacks of political idiocy for a greenhorn commentator who is still in his professional infancy, to idiotically, even with an improbable impunity, raise his weak as well as feable tusks on Ihedioha.

Again, Onuoha’s nauseating article on Ihedioha, obviously hatched and handed over to him by his ever truculent as well as belligerent Samdaddy who, as the PDP candidate in the last November 11, 2023 Imo governorship election, brought complete disaster, disgrace and total ruination to the umbrella party in the state, demonstrated his crass and grossly limited knowledge on even simple issues.

The ever misfiring so-called commentator, certainly for lack of materials and want of facts, impolitetly demanded to be educated on what was Ihedioha’s achievements in all his acclaimed association with PDP and national politics. It was this question that nailed Onuoha and his Samdaddy band of detractors as not worthy of the attention always giving to them.

As a pointer, the N26b Owerri – Elele Road project attracted by Ihedioha between 2011 and 2015 when he was the deputy speaker of the Federal House of Representatives, still remains the biggest national scheme ever brought to South East since 1999 by any individual from the zone.

Furthermore, the reconstruction of Okpala – Igwirinta Road, now the best and easiest means by which Imo people go to Rivers and back home was made possible by Ihedioha when he was a federal lawmaker, in fact, he was the Chief Whip of the Federal House.

There exits a road known as Mbaise Ring Road that cut across the three local councils of the five – finger enclave. It started at Ogbor Uvuru in Aboh Mbaise LGA, crisscrossed almost the entire Ezinihitte LGA major communities but particularly Amumara, Ife and Eziudo emptying at Afor Ogbe in Ahiazu LGA. This massive road project handled by Aero Contractors was done about 57 % before the PDP ouster at the centre took place in 2015. And since then it has become an abandoned project.

In Okigwe Zone, Ihedioha did the Isinweke – Ihitte Uboma Road which stretched up to Okigwe Local Government Area. It was a massive scheme and people of the area applauded him for it.

Ihedioha brought home the construction of a waste conversion facility at Ohaji/Egbema but has now been allowed to rot away.

At least, Chief (Engr) Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu is still alive and he is today the president general of Ohanaeze Ndigbo. Iwuanyanwu, in 2014, while Ihedioha visited his country home at Atta, Ikeduru, during consultatation preparatory for 2015 governorship election, brought it to public knowledge that it was Ihedioha who facilitated the construction of the road leading to his house which covered several kilometres shortly before the burial of his lovely first wife.

During his days as deputy speaker, Ihedioha had about 30 SAs whom were paid one million naira monthly as a part of his official protocol and schedules that lasted for four years. All the 27 LGAs in the state had one SA working with Ihedioha then, plus two others from Delta and Anambra states respectively.

Onuoha, if you were truly a record keeper as you portrayed in that your senseless article purely designed for you by phlegmatic Samdaddy, you would not have asked these questions albeit the answers to them are in the public domain.

Frankly, following Onuoha’s tragic disposition in his last piece which was nothing but a beautiful sore, we recommend that he goes back to any established secondary school near him to fully master the basics of communicating flawlessly in English which are anchored in simple technicalities! This is not an insult. It is a recommendation.

For Samdaddy, his is nothing more than the consequences of a delinquent adult. He should understand that it is no longer about Ihedioha because the governorship election is over. The Imo State governor is Senator Hope Uzodimma, not Ihedioha. Samdaddy is currently plagued by his unimaginable poor performance in that election. And since he had claimed he won that November 11, 2023 election, he ought to be facing the governorship election petitions tribunal. But he’s not doing it. He is rather going about scandalizing Ihedioha’s name. Or pretending to still be PDP’s national secretary.

The meeting in Enugu few days ago of PDP Zonal South East leaders where Samdaddy was conpicuosly missing consequent upon which the region’s elders and representatives of the five states took far reaching decisions against the sacked national secretary indicates that he has lost it all in all fronts.

By urging the National Working Committee (NWC) to replace Samdaddy with its nominee from Enugu State, the Zonal South East PDP leaders who really nominated the senator for the national secretary position has automatically withdrawn its support. The South East PDP has by so doing passed a vote of no confidence on Samdaddy. And that is the end of the road for him. He cannot bounce back by directing his social media rats to be attacking Ihedioha when even they are largely not well informed.

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