Ikechukwu Onunaku, Nigerian actor and sensational rapper has confirmed his separation from his model wife, Ella. _The couple held a star-studded wedding in May 2021 in Lagos._

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Ikechukwu first announced that he was in a relationship in September 2020 and would later announce his proposal in November 2020.

Ikechukwu, who made his big-screen debut in a short feature written, produced, and directed by Walter Taylaur titled “The Wages” in 2013, disclosed this during an interview with media personality Daddy Freeze.

He stated that their marriage ended due to irreconcilable differences—not infidelity or cheating.

The former Mohits Records rapper stated that he could no longer tolerate his wife’s behaviours despite trying to salvage the marriage.

“My wife and I are no longer together. We separated due to irreconcilable differences. It wasn’t over infidelity. There was too much gaslighting, fault-finding, and influence from outsiders. I advocate for ending a relationship rather than cheating and pursuing personal happiness.

“I attempted to salvage our marriage, but I reached a point where I couldn’t tolerate my ex-wife’s behaviour any longer, and I revealed my true feelings, which we couldn’t reconcile.

“I don’t have time for chaos, but I become vulnerable when I’m in love. Sometimes, the issues that Killz overlooks, Ike ignores.

“At a certain point, Ike couldn’t handle it anymore, so Killz stepped in to protect him. When Killz intervened, she realised she had taken Ike for granted because she didn’t appreciate Killz. I tried my best, and I invested everything I had. The woman tried to emasculate me, always making me feel inadequate.”

During the conversation, he alleged that a film producer, Chineyelove, played a significant role in causing the marriage breakdown.

He, however, didn’t disclose precisely what the producer did that resulted in his marriage breakdown. Ikechukwu said he advocates that couples should consider parting ways instead of remaining in a marriage marred by infidelity.

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