I Prefer Nigerians Over Kenyan Men Because They Last In Bed — 20-Year-Old Kenyan Socialite, Shakilla Tifanny Says, Lists Other Reaons

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Listing the reasons she prefer Nigerian Men over their Kenyan counterparts, she said: “There are many reasons why, and I start listing them, I won’t finish. First, Nigerians are romantic.”

“A Kenyan man can never give you money. They would rather pay for something. They also don’t look good.”

“Kenyan guys don’t last in bed. They take minutes while I am talking about hours for Nigerian.”

However, Shakilla said she was not ready to settle down, according to her “I am quite young, so I am tasting other people’s relationships before I find my own. I want to focus on my growth even if it means being with other women’s guys to finance my bills.”

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