HUNGER: Assurance Trust Microfinance device means on how Nigerians can tackle hunger. [ READ FULL DETAILS ]

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Every choice we make also means giving up another option. The option to spend recklessly can be curtailed by investing in Food Savings Initiative today on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on your capability, interest and determination.

The choice to misuse idle resources can be channeled wisely into storage of food items for your loved ones, most especially now that we have galloping inflation in our economy.

Partner with us to help you this way and you will not regret your action in time to come when it matters most.

However, the opportunity cost to close the gap before the year end is in your hands and implore you to take a step now because wise thinking leads to right living and foolish thinking leads to wrong living.

With ₦500 daily or ₦3,875 weekly or ₦15,500 monthly you can hedge against the high cost of food items in the market. You just need to start now because two months is gone from the year and I am aware that procrastination is a thief of time, so don’t steal your time by yourself.????

The benefit of this initiative is that it gives you cash of ₦50,000 to take care of other exigencies with the following food items to go home with and make your loved ones happy. Here are the items below:

1. Bag of rice
2. Groundnut oil
3. Live Chicken
4. Carton of Noodles
5. Tomato Paste
6. Salt, Curry and Thyme
7. Crayfish & Stockfish
8. Milo, Milk, Sugar and Butter.
9. Spaghetti
10. Toothpaste, liquid soap and detergent

Registration fee to start is ₦500. Once you register you have your login details to monitor your savings plan from start to finish and then get food items which is already in stock if you finish it within record a time like Usain Bolt of Jamaica ???? Login to https:/ to confirm yourself.

I am yours sincerely,
Tony Curtis
Assurance Trust Microfinance

Office Address

36 Igbo Street off Uzuakoli Road By Zenith Bank, Umuahia Abia State.

102 Faulks Road opposite Car dealer by Ikonne Palace, Aba

78, New Lagos Road By Board of Internal Revenue, Peacock plaza, Benin City

F.C Ezenkwu Plaza
Ngbuka Awada
Onitsha Owerri Road

102 Ikot Ekpene Road
Opposite Gate 6
Michael Okpara University (MOUU) Umudike, Umuahia

G.S.M to call for more details
08021042196 08120875129

Have a blissful and stress free new month

Thank you.

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