How my boss discouraged my husband from dating me — Helen Paul makes sh0cking confession

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Nigerian comedian and actress, Helen Paul, who is now married to Femi Bamisele, related an event in which her former boss tried to talk her husband out of dating her.

She revealed this in a recent interview on the Honest Bunch Podcast, stating that her previous supervisor had questioned why her husband, a lawyer, would want to date someone like her.

The comic continued by revealing that her supervisor had even gone so far as to criticize her and suggest to her spouse that they should simply have a light romantic relationship rather than think about making a serious commitment.

“My boss called my husband and said, do you really want to date Helen, Femi? You deserve better, but if you just want to have fun, it’s okay,” she shared.

Additionally, her HR manager commented on her husband’s clean and professional appearance, implying that he could do better than being involved with Helen.

Following her announcement, many people rushed to social media to voice their displeasure, with others sharing similar experiences.

After marrying her husband in 2010, Helen Paul welcomed two sons into their family.

The comedian had previously talked about her difficult life story, including the stigma attached to her birth as a result of rape and the rejection she experienced from her family.

She described how her aunts had told her over and again that she had “bad blood” and shouldn’t be receiving financial support from her grandmother.

Helen Paul has persevered in spite of her obstacles, achieving success in her career, and using her experiences as a source of empowerment.

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