How Co-tenant Stabbed SS1 Student to Death In Abuja

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According to news published by DailyTrust, Kubwa town, FCT, a 19-year-old secondary school student, Salma Yunusa, met her untimely demise allegedly at the hands of her co-tenant, Immaculate Chukwudi. The incident, which has left the community in shock, unfolded amidst a dispute between tenants residing in the same compound.

According to Bilikisu Yunusa, the elder sister of the deceased, trouble brewed when an argument ensued between Immaculate Chukwudi and another male tenant known as Pastor. Attempting to mediate, Bilikisu found herself entangled in the conflict.

She said, ‘’I saw the pastor parking off his clothes that he washed, even though they were yet to dry and when I tried to find out why, he simply told me that it’s the suspect that demanded it. I commended his decision, only for the woman to come out and threatened to deal with me, accusing me of being involved in the matter. She brought out a knife later around 10 pm in the night, and continued to make some noise in the house.

‘’In the following morning, I went to my drum to fetch water, but the woman approached again and spit over the water. My younger sister (the deceased) came out from the room, and after informing her about the development, she immediately threw away the water on the ground, which seemed to have annoyed the suspect. So, the suspect left only for her to return with a bucket filled with water and emptied it on my sister.

‘’As my sister was trying to clear her face from the water, she brought out a knife and stabbed her on the chest. I rushed her to the Kubwa General Hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival.’’
The altercation escalated when Immaculate Chukwudi reportedly threatened Bilikisu, accusing her of involvement in the dispute. Later that night, tensions peaked as Immaculate brandished a knife, creating a commotion within the household.

The following morning, tensions flared once again when Bilikisu attempted to fetch water from her drum. Immaculate approached and spat in the water, leading to a confrontation. Salma, the deceased, intervened, discarding the contaminated water, further provoking Immaculate.

In a chilling moment, Immaculate returned with a bucket of water and doused Salma with it. As Salma attempted to wipe the water from her face, tragedy struck. Immaculate allegedly produced a knife and stabbed Salma in the chest, inflicting fatal wounds.

Despite efforts to save her, Salma was pronounced dead upon arrival at Kubwa General Hospital. The loss has left the Yunusa family and the community devastated, mourning the senseless loss of a promising young life.

Following the incident, the police were alerted and swiftly apprehended Immaculate Chukwudi. Josephine Adeh, spokesperson for the FCT police command, confirmed the incident, stating that investigations are ongoing, with plans to charge the suspect to court

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