Google announces date to remove dormant users’ Gmail accounts

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Google is set to implement a new policy that involves the permanent deletion of inactive Gmail accounts starting on December 1.

In a recent blog post on the platform’s help centre, the tech giant outlined that an account will be considered inactive if the user has not engaged in any activity, such as logging in or performing actions like reading or sending an email, using Google Drive, watching YouTube videos, sharing photos, downloading an app, or searching while signed in, for two years.

The policy applies exclusively to personal accounts and does not extend to accounts associated with employers, schools, or other organization.

The post stated, “Google products reserve the right to delete your data when your account has not been used within that product for 2 years” and emphasized that the earliest date for the deletion of accounts under this policy is “December 1, 2023”.

However, certain exceptions apply, such as accounts that have been used for purchases in the Google Play store or those with an active gift card balance.

Google has assured users that it will provide advance notice of impending deletions by sending emails to the affected accounts and any available recovery email addresses.

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