Geometric Energy; Catalysing the Aba industrial revolution by Sir Emeka Achilefu

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Aba and its environs otherwise known as the Aba ringed fence area comprising of nine local government areas out of the 17 is home to indigenous manufacturing, innovation and entrepreneurship. Its strategic importance in technological and industrial revolution birthed the vision of Prof Bath Nnaji, the CEO of Geometric Energy to establish the gemetric power project, an indepent power generation and distribution facility at Osisioma.

This did come by happenstance rather by series of engagements, consultations, modelling and studies by experts with global reckoning in the field of energy development.

It may interest u to know that the former late world bank president, Dr. James Wolfohnson, former minister of finance Dr Okonjo Iweala and other experts had unanimously endorsed Aba as a centre for such mega project and solicited the help of Prof. Bath Nnaji in this regard.
The range of activities from artisans who make world class shoes at ariara international market, clothiers, fabricators at Portharcourt road, big factories and industries etc all contributed to the micro and macro economic indices which clearly positioned Aba as a fertile hub for such project having identified absence of constant electricity as a debilitating factor.
The decision to establish this power plant was derived from the forgoing and is clealy devoid of any primordial sentiments whatsoever. As is expected, a renowned Professor of mechanical and industrial engineering of international repute will not descend to the abyss of clannish sentiments in the citing of such world class facility as Enugu his home state does not offer promises of such revolution and return on investment as Aba does.
Geometric is a conglomerate of other foreign technical and investment partners with Prof Bath Nnaji the founder and CEO whose vast Knowlege gained from numerous research and academic pursuits helped to creat the mathematical concept of geometric reasoning, the brain behind what is happening today. Geometric reasoning of Prof. Bath Nnaji operates on the principles that most things we operate has a geometric configuration(students of mathematics will clearly understand the primary concept of geometry).

As we welcome this novel development, I wish to thank all previous administrations and the current one who contributed to the success of this project.

I wish to urgently call the attention of a very important segment of artisans and businesmen in Aba whose noble efforts in mitigating our woes during the epileptic power regime provided livelihood for them and their families as well. Artisans that repair generators, businessmen that deal on generator spare parts, dealers on all kinds of generators diesel suppliers for industries, contractors/engineers that handle repairs of heavy duty power supply system in big factories have urgent need to queue into this new paradigm by considering and engaging in alternative businesses and training.
Geometric a private sector initiative having injected a whooping N800m dollars into this mega project, will not derelict on providing electricity to the Aba ringed fence area as planned. Generation and distribution of steady power is the only thing that will gaurantee return on their investment at the earliest possible time which is the ultimate aim of any business venture.

The amount of megawatts to be generated will give excess for transfer through the national grid to other areas because Aba alone cannot consume all that will be generated.
This will come in phases with the first turbine commissioned on monday 26 Feb, 2024 which ll instantaneously double the current power supply in Aba. The second trubine will come on streem in about three weeks after with a combined capacity that will generate about 90 megawatts.
Aba present energy demand on 24 hour basis is about 100 MW. Kindly note that 3 out of the 4 turbines are ready and when fully operational will generate excess of what Aba currently needs, hence ushering the industrial and technological revolution that will transform the economic outlook of Abia state and Nigeria at large.

The 4th turbine will only come on stream when the energy needs of Aba increases as envisaged with the influx of investors into Aba in a shortwhile.
This time calls for proactiveness on those concerned. This is not a time to hatch sinister plots to sabotge this laudable intervention as history is replete with that. This regime will also offer abundance of prospects in so many other fields that are moribund on accout of poor electricity. It also offers new opportunities in several novel areas.
Long live Geometric.

Sir. Emeka Achilefu writes from Aba

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