Exposed: Why Bishop Nwankpa Gifted Dr Nduagu Car

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Revelations and facts have emerged as to why Bishop Emeka Nwankpa gifted Dr Stanley Nduagu a car.

Recall that on Thursday, 4th January, 2024, Bishop Emeka Nwankpa announced the gift of a Sienna car to Dr Nduagu. This was during the 18th edition of the cleric’s annual empowerment programme.

Announcing the gift, Bishop Nwankpa described Dr Nduagu as a committed and honest media professional who has exhibited a high degree of professionalism in the discharge of his duties.

In his reaction to the gift during an interview, the revered English language teacher and writer said that only a few people know the actual reason for the car gift. Nduagu made the revelation this way:

‘Not many people know the actual reason for the car gift. Though it came unexpectedly, I knew that someday my selfless work will be rewarded. The reason for the gift is beyond commitment and professionalism. It is deeper than that. The actual reason is that I often place service before reward. I don’t place money or gain first in whatever thing I do for people.

Most times, I am not even paid for the services I render, and that does not even discourage me from doing more. That is actually one of the things that motivated Bishop Nwankpa to single me out for the gift.

I am forever grateful to Bishop Emeka Nwankpa. He has shown me that hard work and selflessness pay.’

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