*Evang. Ekekwe Egu, OTIMKPU JESUS commends Gov. Ikpeazu on Osisioma flyover project*

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Last Monday, 05 September 2022, I joined my brother and friend, Victor Okezie Ikpeazu (Governor Abia), to commission the Osisioma Flyover and some Road Projects in Aba. The Commissioning was done by Nyesom Ezenwa Wike. ( Governor Rivers)

Few weeks back, at Abuja, I tasked my Governor on the need to endear his name on some signature projects and more. He then extended the invitation for me to join him in this commissioning. I promised him that I will join when it is time. This I OBIdiently did, and he was elated.

Let me reiterate for the avoidance of doubt that my politics is development bent, and I identify with such wherever and whenever I see one. My friendship with the Governor have spanned decades and nothing, not even difference in political leaning can alter that. I am not, repeat I am not PDP, and have not joined, neither am I contemplating doing so. But my personal relationship with the Governor and the access he has allowed me to reach him from time to time, over the years, is very much appreciated. I cannot take same for granted.

Unlike what many may think, I critique the Governor through channels that he opened for personal interactions, and he has allowed me maintain my proclivities and idiocyncrasies without let. This indeed is a ratity.

By so doing, I am sure that I must have disappointed so many people who thought I should make a profession of bashing the Governor unrelentlessly. To such people, I owe no apologies.

I congratulate him for conceptualising and completing this particular Flyover which has actually lingered, and elicited derogatory remarks and innuendoes for quiet a while now. . But I must admit that he has done quite some works here, while pleading and urging him to up the ante of development and good governance.

In all, let the name of God be praised

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