ELECTION 2023: OHANEZE REJECTS CALL FOR BIAFRA! * Igbos want Presidency, not Biafra — Ohanaeze Ndigbo declares!

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The apex Igbo socio-cultural organisation Ohanaeze Ndigbo has stated it is only interested in the 2023 presidency and not the pursuit of sovereign State by any group in the zone.

The group maintained that it is a right to the Southeast zone, not a privilege to get the presidency in 2023.

Ohanaeze spoke Tuesday in Awka, Anambra State through its President in Anambra State, Chief Damian Okeke-Ogene, while briefing reporters after the group’s meeting

He said the leadership of Ohanaeze has not mandated anyone or group to pursue actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra but Presidency of Igbo extraction.

He said that some youths within the territory that make up the defunct Biafra Republic were restive and had made case for Biafra’s restoration because of the gross marginalisation of the zone.

According to Okeke-Ogene: “We are pursuing Igbo president because the executive of Ohanaeze led by Nnia Nwodo has the mandate of Ndigbo to negotiate the Igbo position in Nigeria.

“He wasn’t given a mandate for the Sovereign State of Biafra. That’s why we are saying, give us what is due for us and Nigeria’s president of Igbo extraction is what we are looking for.

“The other aspect of IPOB is because our children seem to find out that Nigerians are not ready to give us what we want; we the elders.

“They are now saying that if you’re not going to answer my father, I am going to tell my father that I am going to be myself.

“They are two different things. Let me tell you, it is coming to a point that Igbo presidency is becoming a right; no more privilege because it is only the South East that has never tasted the presidency and we have been voting for everybody.

“So, the younger ones are agitating that Nigerians are not ready to answer us.

“If they are sure that Nigerians are going to answer us, I believe that they will calm down. Nigeria is for all of us.”

He vowed Ndigbo would not relent until 2023 presidency is achieved.

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