Easter: ‘Emulate the Peace and Wisdom of Christ’ – Ahiwe to Abians

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The Abia State PDP 2023 governorship candidate, Chief Okey Ahiwe has sent warm greetings to Abians, especially fellow Christians as they celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In his Easter message to Abians, Chief Ahiwe urged them to emulate the peace and wisdom of Christ as they respond to prevailing socio-economic challenges.

According to him, “One of the most significant legacies of Christ is that of mutual peace which is the bedrock of societal harmony and progress. Thus, as we pursue our diverse and sometimes opposing interests, we should always be conscious of our collective responsibility towards the sustenance of peace, and refrain from actions that could threaten public peace and security. Again, it is noteworthy that Christ exhibited exceptional wisdom in His calculated responses to prevalent social, political and religious issues. These Divine lessons should sharpen our minds to be more discerning, rekindle our forbearance and energize our faith that the future always holds greater prospects.”

Chief Ahiwe charged Abians to use the Easter period to engage in deep personal reflections even as they celebrate, in order to receive the material and spiritual blessings of Christ’s Resurrection in balanced proportions.

Victor C. Nwokocha, ANIPR
Media Adviser to Chief Okey Ahiwe
March 31, 2024

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