Dog Kills 5-Month-Old Child In Osun

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The mother of a 5-month-old baby killed by a foreign d0g in Osogbo, Osun state, Nafisat Muideen, Thursday, explained how she watched helplessly while the dog devoured her baby, Mariam.

She explained that the incident happened at a new site at Haleluyah Estate, Osogbo, on Wednesday, when she was going to buy drugs for the baby.

Residents of the area said the d0g must have been locked up in the building for a long time before it escaped.

The woman narrated how the workers at the site later helped her k!l the d0g to rescue the baby, but all to no avail.

Findings showed that the dog escaped after digging under the gate for some days where it was allegedly locked up.

The inhabitants of the building were said to have locked the dog and traveled out of the town for some days.

The woman said, “I did not know when he jumped and seized my baby from my back. The place was silent (serene) and I didn’t see anybody come out to me when I was shouting.

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