Detention of Eze Aro is in Bad Taste and Major Assault Against Our People

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It is a sad day for the traditional institution in Abia State in particular and Igboland in general, yet, nobody seems to be saying anything. How on earth did we get to the point where Abia State Government led by Dr Alex Otti contrived to detain a first class traditional ruler of global standing at a police station in Umuahia overnight with our elites keeping quiet?

Did the newly crowned Eze Aro commit any crime known to law? Why is he being treated like a common criminal whereas all we have been told is that a Permanent Secretary acting under the instructions of the Leader of New Abia of Bitterness wrote a petition that he sent mere Yuletide messages in his capacity as Eze Aro to his subjects?

Let it be clear to those desecrating the Arochukwu traditional stool that duly installed traditional rulers do not need state approval to preside over the affairs of their people. Our Chieftaincy law recognizes that it is the people, according to their peculiar customs, that select their Eze and forward his name to the state government for mere recognition. It is not the government that selects an Eze for the people, and a chosen Eze must not have government’s approval to operate. He can choose to discharge his duties validly without government patronage as long as such duties are within the ambit of the law.

The reported boasting of Dr Alex Otti that as Governor he can remove the chosen King of Arochukwu people and nothing would happen because Emir Lamido Sanusi was removed by a former Governor of Kano State, is extremely troubling. There are consequences to meddling with sacred traditional stools in Abia State including contending with our ancestors.

O metara buru is both my advice and warning to those who have chosen to contend with the gods of our land. A self designated “Nvosi son of Arochukwu origin” should be the wrong person to poke fingers into the eyes of ancient Aro gods.

Abia State Government must immediately release Eze Aro to go home to his people and issue a public apology to him, Arochukwu people and the far and near brothers of Aro Kingdom including me. If those elites of Aro Kingdom who should shout have lost their voices and capacity to act, some of us who are related to Eze Aro ancestrally should not sit idly and watch a politician destroy one of the most revered royal stools in Abia State and Igbo land.

Enough is enough!!!

The police authorities including the Inspector-General of Police, Mr Kayode Egbetokun, and CP Abia State should immediately release the Eze Aro and prepare to appease the desecrated land of Arochukwu.

His Majesty Eze Godwin Kanu Idei Kanu Okoro Oke has been traditionally selected and crowned by his people, according to Aro traditions, and must be allowed to reign peacefully over his Kingdom. Similarly, the reported suspension of Kingmaker Eze Ibom Isii, Dr Kanu Nwa Kanu must also be reversed immediately and the man allowed to operate freely without further intimidation by agents of Abia State Government or else those involved must prepare to face the full wrath of our ancestors.

Power should be used to preserve peace and traditions of out people as only an efulefu will not know that you cannot crown a 2nd son whose father is still alive (Nwa Mazi) as Eze Aro and expect our ancestors to clap for you. Usurpers and their sponsors are threading dangerous traditional waters.

Governor Autocrat should prepare to suspend and arrest all of us who believe in respect for culture and tradition of Ndigbo since he seemingly has shut the mouths and intimidated Aro elites that should be calling him to order now.

In all, the current emperor of Abia State must remember the Latin saying that Quos Deus vult perdere, prius dementat, literally meaning that “Those whom God wishes to destroy, he first deprives of reason.”

O metara buru fully activated!!!

-Chief John Okiyi Kalu,
Former Commissioner For Information, Trade & Investment, Abia State.


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