Buhari has turned Nigeria to Fuji House of Commotion, problems everywhere —Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe

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“What happened is fairly simple. Late iconic musician of Nigeria, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti produced a song titled Confusion Break Bone, which is one of my favourite songs from him where he also expressed the same type of frustration that I feel today. In the lyrics, he said “if I sing corruption, if I sing mismanagement, if I sing stealing by government, all that people will say is “na old news be that”. In other words, the frustration he was feeling is similar to what I am feeling now. That I have been talking and shouting and screaming and nothing seems to being done. As if the authorities are saying “let them just be speaking”. So as not to sound like a broken record, and for the citizenry not to also say we have heard it before, I then decided to take some time off for introspection. That is what I am going through now. But what would I say? That you brought an interim management committee (IMC) to solve the problem in Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) and they started stealing more than those who were there before? Na old news be dat. That I have been shouting that they should change the military service chiefs because they have outlived their usefulness? That as people are killed daily and we complain, the reply is always that the President has had a meeting with the service chiefs and he has given them the order of changing the security architecture? Na old news be dat! That is why you are not hearing so much from me. Like Fela said, na old, old news be dat o! It has now come to the stage where patriots should gather and save this nation because there is nothing the present government can do. When they came into office and we saw the trajectory, at every point that you complained, government’s spokesmen will fall into a default mode: after all, PDP… Right now, they are one year into the second term and citizens are tired with hearing excuses that PDP didn’t do better.

“Yesterday, somebody asked me the difference between the 8th and 9th Senate? My answer was that government claimed that the 8th Senate was impeding them from doing their job because the Bukola Saraki regime was against them. The 9th Senate therefore came as a supporter and enabler of the Presidency. Now they have all the support they want yet, things are getting worse, which means that the problem is not from the national assembly anymore. You said the national assembly didn’t let you work but now you got the people you want; national assembly is supporting you even those of us in the minority also decided to watch so that government can concentrate on the welfare of the people, yet, there is no welfare. Everything is totally bad. It goes back to what I said on the floor of the Senate that the President is the person that has the responsibility and he must own up to his abysmal failure. When you have failed and own up to your abysmal failure, the only thing that is left is to go away because staying inside that office continues to bring us to the brink of the destruction of the country. That is why the #RevolutionNow people also woke up calling on the president to resign and go. Of course, their call is belated because I made this call long time ago in 2019 and everybody thought it was PDP just playing brinksmanship. PDP itself has also woken up calling on the President to resign. Everybody has told President Buhari to resign. It is obvious. It is obvious that he can no longer do it. His government is riven into pieces. Everybody takes a chunk of the government and hangs on to it and there is no coordination in the government. The Minister of Justice is fighting with an agency under him, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), FIRS is fighting NIPOST, Minister of Communication is fighting Diaspora Commission, Ministry of Niger Delta is fighting NDDC. It is a fuji house of commotion that we now have. And no patriot can be comfortable with the state of affairs that we found ourselves.

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