“As A Man, Getting Married While Financial Struggling Is The Wisest Choice” – EMEKA IKE

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Nollywood legend EMEKA IKE pours his heart out on a recent interview as he reflects on the trials and tribulations of his marriage.

I saw Emeka Ike trending on Twitter so I went on Channels to watch the interview.
Honestly, nobody deserves to be treated the way that bros was treated.
In his words ????

“Reaching the pinnacle of success can make marriage seem like a futile investment, as you can never truly discern whether your partner is driven by love or by the allure of your wealth and accomplishments.

However, there is a silver lining to tying the knot while on the path to success. If you do succeed, you can rest easy knowing that your partner was there for you, not for your money, but for who you are as a person. It is essential to acknowledge and reward such women.

On the other hand, successful men who marry after achieving great success often find themselves making the gravest mistakes of their lives.

Regardless of how much she professed her love or demonstrated her affection, it all stemmed from your prosperity and resources.

Take heed or face the consequences;

If as a man you are a fan of marriage ,marrying while financially struggling is the wisest choice.

But if you choose marry after accumulating riches there is a high chance that they will “CHOP MONEY” you.

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