ARMY, POLICE DIFFER: No Gree For Terrorists, Perpetrators Of Insecurity,’ DHQ Charges Nigerians

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The Nigeria Army seem to have adopted the Nigerian 2024 street slogan ” No Gree for anybody “. The charge came hours after Nigeria’s police authorities cautioned against the usage of the slogan.

A viral video shows the Director, Defence Media Operations, Major General Edward Buba, speaking during a press conference at the Defence Headquarters in Abuja on Thursday, July 20, 2023.

The Defence Headquarters (DHQ) has called on Nigerians to see the fight against insecurity as a collective work and used the viral social media slang, “No gree for anybody” to drive home the message.

This charge came from the Director of Defence Media Operations Major General Edward Buba during the DHQ’s bi-weekly media briefing in Abuja on Thursday, saying the military would act on tipoffs from Nigerians.

“This year 2024, I urge citizens of this country to see security as a collective responsibility of all. Therefore, no gree for terrorists, and no gree for perpetrators of insecurity. You see something, you say something and we assure them of doing something, ” he said in pidgin English, asking Nigerians to stand firm against insecurity.

He said, “the aim of our ongoing operations remains unchanged and clear even in the new year 2024. We aim to find and destroy the terrorist wherever they may be hiding to ensure their enduring defeat. This would deny the terrorist the ability to terrorize or hurt citizens across the country.

“Our operations indicate that we are hunting the terrorist commanders and their senior leadership. Indeed, from their topmost leadership to the lowest commanders are dead men walking and we will stop at nothing until they are dead or surrender.”

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