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A Pastor from Afikpo Local Government Area of Ebonyi State, Ifeanyichukwu Eluu who relocated to Anambra recently has lost a house he paid for and parked into, just because the landlord was informed that the new tenant is an Ebonyi man, generally referred to as “Ndi Abakaliki”.

The Pastor who shared his ordeal on his Facebook handle, said the full money he paid for the apartment where he moved into was sent back to him same day he parked in by the landlord, urging him to quit because he’s an “Abakaliki man”.

However, the Pastor later got an accommodation in another place when he plainly told the landlord that he is an Afikpo man from Ebonyi State.

Pastor Ifeanyichukwu wrote this:
“The last experience I had, getting an apartment in Anambra state wasn’t a good one. I had paid 100% for the apartment to the caretaker, preparing to settle in after signing the necessary tenancy agreement the following day.

“But there was a reconsideration afterwards, we had stayed for a longer time in a hotel. So, we needed to quickly move into the property, of which we informed the caretaker about the move. We rushed to get the basic things to equip the house right away and the same evening, we moved into the house.

“Around 12 midnight, I saw an alert of the exact Money I paid to the caretaker. I called him right away, he said the landlord refunded the Money when he heard we’re from Ebonyi state,” Abakaliki” as generally refered.

“I felt so insulted,embarrassed, as well, very concerned at such level of discrimination against fellow brothers.

“The last place I finally got a house, the Man asked where I’m from,I told him “Afikpo”. Then he said, okay, I know Afikpo, they are partly Abia state, I can consider you, that’s how we settled. But I wasn’t happy that I had to route through such bias just to get a house to live in

“Please, let the concerned handlers review this in time, hence the maxim “Igbo bu ofu”.

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